RAVES - yaggi

Duncan & Gemma
Canterbury, England

"Wow... what can we say??!!!
The photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!

After cruising the Med on our honeymoon, we were delighted to arrive home to find that the wedding photographs were ready for viewing.
We had eagerly anticipated their arrival, feasting on the tasters that you had posted in the run up to their grand unveiling!
Your skill at capturing the moment so perfectly in such a non intrusive manner was testament to your professionalism.
Spontaneous in your approach, yet meticulous in your presentation, each and every detail has been caught so that we can relive all of those special moments over and over again.
We love the innocence and wonderment in the children's eyes as they watch the candyfloss, the dreamy vintage tones in the beautiful 'getting ready' pics and the formal to the more natural shots of the speeches.
There wasn't an element that you missed - you are a truly great team!
Everyone felt relaxed in your presence and had a really fantastic time being photographed by you (even the camera shy people!).
Many thanks again for the curiously beautiful Alice in Wonderland Photo Booth, all of our guests are as Mad as Hatters but were left smiling like Cheshire Cats, we all had so much fun experimenting with the different props!

We are so glad that you were able to join us for our special day, and we both hope that you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did."