RAVES - yaggi

Gary & Naomi Wright
Ramsgate, England

"I am not one to wax lyrical or write a fawning review where it is not warranted. However, Nay and I would like to thank Sarah so much for what she has done for us. The attention to detail is second to none, and the quality of her work is faultless. What makes it even more special is the unique touches that she offers - the slideshows and photobooth both showcase genuine talent. Sarah has a perceptive eye for photography and what makes a great photo. What you don't see is the amount of work that she (quite clearly) puts into the 'post production'. If you haven't seen the slideshows from any of the weddings just check them out now. If you haven't seen a full album of her work then beg, borrow or steal a password for one of the galleries. What I will say is this: if you have considered another photographer then have another think, as you will not - I repeat, WILL NOT - find anyone better, more friendly, more professional, more talented or more happy in their work than Sarah. I realize that this has turned into a review that has waxed lyrical in a fawning way!! From both of us, thank you"