RAVES - yaggi

Brian Hawkins
San Diego, California

"As we search the world for style that makes life special, unique and enjoyable, we continue to expand the lifestyle pursuits and pleasures that are truly unique and innovative. Here, I share with you photographers who exemplify style and capture life in it's most special moments, making the ephemeral eternal.

My first exposure to Brent and Sarah Yaggi was at the wedding of my friends Carrie and Brian. I was impressed at their professionalism combined with a spirit of mischief. Yaggi Photography are unique in an environment crowded with competitors, most of whom fail to deliver, let alone exceed the desires of their subjects.

I encourage you to visit their website and follow them on Facebook. Though I focus here on their wedding photography, their art is likewise brilliant from portrature to scenic and celebrity. Brent and Sarah capture the excitement, anticipation and hapiness of special moments, creating memories through images that last a lifetime. The unique and rich style of their work is evident as photos become expressive works of whimsy and emotion.

There is an exuberance and humanity to their work; the soft patinas, the facial expressions, the contrasting and complementary backdrops, all combine in more than photography, they represent an art where every mood is a picture."